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This is a solid sterling silver, "one of a kind," handcrafted chunky ring with black banded agate gemstone & added cross treasure together with a hand stamped plaque with the latin word "Qua" (meaning "which".) Created from 100% recycled silver, (equal in quality to un-recycled silver.)The ring has been given a rugged texture and is oxidised to give the texture depth. Expect inconsistencies, the ring is purposefully not as perfectly symmetrical as a machine made, mass produced ring might be... it is lovingly crafted by hand to be beautifully rustic, organic and raw! The width of the band is approx 20mm at it's widest point and the thickness is approx 1.2mm. The ring is a size V.

Fully hallmarked AWTS (Away with the spoon,) 925, the lion passant, Sheffield Assay office and Z for 2024.

Banded Agate is a mesmerizing crystal, identified by its astonishing layering patterns. This striking mineral derives its unique name, Agate, from the Latin word “achates,” a term that dates back to ancient times when the stone was first discovered along the Achates River in Sicily.

This type of Agate primarily consists of microcrystalline Quartz, featuring intricate bands of Chalcedony and impurities such as iron, manganese, and other minerals. This gemstone is characterized by parallel bands of varying colors, ranging from white, black, brown, red, and gray, resulting from continuous mineral deposits layering over time, thus named “banded.”

Civilizations like the Egyptians, Greeks, and Babylonians have treasured Banded Agate stones, utilizing them for ornamental purposes and attributing transcendent qualities to their alluring presence. Highly regarded for their metaphysical solid and protective properties, banded agates are considered to be stones of healing and release. It's believed to help one achieve peace, security, and grounding.